Updates to Sea of Cortez - 3rd Edition

Notice to Mariners - The Mexican government office, Secretary of Navy, publishes monthly "Notice to Mariners" updates for the entire Mexican coastline. These updates are available in PDF format.

Pg. 17 - HF Frequency Marine Nets has updated times and frequencies. Manana - 14342.5 at 1900, Southbound - 8122 at 0200, Amigo - 4149 at 1400

Pg. 45 - The former Cabo Riviera Resort and Marina project closed in 2016 and was purchased by developers who plan to continue construction of a resort and marina complex named Costa Palmas Resort and Marina. In 2016/17, it was reported that shifting sand bars and siltation of the entrance and inner basin is a continuous issue. Do not approach the entrance breakwaters during the construction phase without prior contact with the resort. For up to date information on the current status of the marina, contact Costa Palmas Resort and Marina.
Costa Palmas Resort and Marina
1-800-917-9115 US

Pg. 56, 59, 87, 103, 252, 279, 281- Anchorage closures and restrictions
There are 7 anchorages detailed within the book which are now either unavailble or limited due to the areas being protected for conservation. These are:
Puerto Balandra (pg 56) and Caleta Lobos (pg 59) - Chapter 2 - Bahia de La Paz
Bahia San Gabriel (pg 87) and Los Islotes (pg 103) - Chapter 3 - Isla Espiritu Santo
Cala Puertocitos de Enmedio and Animas Slot (pg 253) - Chapter 11 - Bahia de Las Animas
Isla Coronado (Smith) South End (pg 279) and Isla Mitlan/Bahia de las Rocas (pg 281) - Chapter 12 - Bahia de Los Angeles

Downloadable pdf of the updated chart pages

Pg. 78 - La Paz Cruiser's Supply is now under new ownership. Their new website is: lapazcruiserssupply.com, email: info@lapazcruiserssupply.com

Pg. 136 - The mileage box had some wrong mileages, they should be as follows: Puerto Escondido - 42, Agua Verde - 18, San Marte - 13, Los Gatos - 2, Timbabiche - 4, San Evaristo - 29

Pg. 138 - The mileage box had some wrong mileages, they should be as follows: Puerto Escondido - 32, Agua Verde - 8, San Marte - 3, Punta San Telmo - 11, Timbabiche - 16, Isla San Francisco - 54

Pg. 151 - The rock described in the anchorage at Yellowstone Beach is located at position (25 42' 34" N, 111 03' 03"W) - thanks to David Lehrain for the waypoint.

Pg. 165 - 167 - Puerto Escondido has been undergoing many changes. Currently there is no anchoring allowed in "the Waiting Room" and "Ellipse". It was reported that "API has decided to vacate the area in order to undergo some environmental studies and determine if it is viable to keep boats moored in that area."

Pg. 168
- The Fonatur/Singlar Marina has now been taken over by Marina Puerto Escondido (http://marinapuertoescondido.com). They are also in charge of the moorings located within the harbor.
Marina Puerto Escondido
email: HarborMaster@MarinaPuertoEscondido.com
phone: 613-105-2890

Pg. 169 - The Hidden Port Yacht Club is no longer.
Porto Bello Restaurant is closed and is now Pepegina's Pizza.

Pg. 323 - New contact information for:
Marina Fonatur Guaymas
Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico 85400
email: emoralesm@fonatur.gob.mx
phone: (622) 224-3000

Pg. 338 - New contact information for:
Marina y Club de Yates - Isla Cortes
web: marinayclubdeyates.com
email: contacto@marinayclubdeyates.com


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