Updates for Sea of Cortez: A Cruiser's Guidebook 2nd edition

Altata Update for Sea of Cortez: A Cruiser's Guidebook 2nd edition

Notice to Mariners - The Mexican government office, Secretary of Navy, publishes monthly "Notice to Mariners" updates for the entire Mexican coastline. These updates are available in PDF format.

Pg. 14 - It is manditory for foreign registered boats to obtain a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) to bring boats into Mexico. You can begin the paperwork process before leaving the United States or Canada by visiting: https://www.banjercito.com.mx/registroVehiculos/. A TIP can also be obtained in person in Ensenada or La Paz.
Pg. 16 - The La Paz CONANP office has moved. The new location is found on the Abasolo (Carretera Transpeninsular Mex 1), south of the Fidepaz Hospital and almost across the street from the turn off to Marina Fonatur La Paz.
Pg. 33 - Marina Puerto Los Cabos (www.puertoloscabos.com) can now accommodate boats up to 200 feet in length. Marine Group Boat Works (www.marinegroupboatworks.com) haul out yard and boat storage is now open for business. Marine Group operates a 150 ton travel lift and offers covered dry stack storage.
Pg. 40 - El Cardon Tequila Bar & Grill is now Restaurante 1535. The restaurant monitors VHF channel 10 and 2, but no longer offers water taxi service, a dinghy dock or phone service.
Pg. 55 - Yacht Path International is no longer in business.
Pg. 60 - Marina Costabaja has a new website: www.marinacostabaja.com.
Pg. 62 - Marina de La Paz can accommodate boats up to 200 feet in length. All water at the marina is potable and comes from it’s own desalination plant.
Pg. 64 - Marina Santa Cruz, previously known as the “virtual marina” is now Marina Cortez. New floating docks have been installed using an anchoring technique by developers in Florida to help withstand hurricanes. Approximately 50 slips are in place, all with water and power, and able to accommodate boats up to 120 feet in length. Services include bathrooms and showers, pumpout facilities and wireless internet. Contact information for Marina Cortez is:
J. Eduardo Corona Arballo, Harbor Master
(612) 123-4101
Pg. 74 - See page 16 update.
Pg. 138 - Maria’s tienda, located in the small fishing village of Agua Verde, is reported to be closed. It is unclear at this time if the closure is temporary or permanent. It has also been reported that the restaurant may be closed as well. (Information courtesy of Bill and Tracy Hudson on s/v Zephyr) December 2010
Pg. 152 - Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa (http://www.villadelpalmarloreto.com) is now located in the eastern corner of Bahia Candeleros. Restaurants, bars and swimming pools are found at the resort, along with daily passes for use of the resort’s facilities.
Pg. 160 - Hidden Port Yacht Club is now located in the API office building.
Pg. 214 - Julia’s Cantina is no longer in business. The new El Hotelito is found north of the airport on the main dirt road.
Pg. 296 - The San Carlos morning VHF net is on channel 74.
Pg. 297 - Marina San Carlos can now accommodate boats up to 64 feet in length.
Pg. 303 - Marina Fonatur Guaymas contact information is: (622) 924-3000, agmisquez@fonatur.gob.mx. Marina Seca Guaymas contact information is: Gabriel Larios, Manager; (622) 122-7856, marinasecaguaymas@yahoo.com, www.marinaguaymas.com.
New information: Topolobampo - Topolobampo is quickly becoming a new “off the beaten path” cruising destination for boaters traveling along the eastern shore of the Sea of Cortez. While Topolobampo is not included in this edition of our cruising guide, many people have been contacting us for further information on this destination. A new marina has opened in Topolobampo named Club de Yates Palmira Topolobampo, or Marina Palmira Topolobampo. With this new and secure marina to leave your boat, travel to the world renowned Barranca de Cobre, or Copper Canyon, has been made far more accessible to boaters. We are currently working with the marina manager to put together a chartlet for those who wish to visit Topolobampo. We will post the chartlet on the updates page once it is completed. For further information and to contact Marina Palmira Topolobampo:
Rosario Torres, Harbor Master
(668) 862-1544

Google image courtesy of Marina Palmira Topolobampo

Google image courtesy of Marina Palmira Topolobampo


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