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Updates for Sea of Cortez, A Cruiser’s Guidebook -

Notice to Mariners - The Mexican government office, Secretary of Navy, publishes monthly "Notice to Mariners" updates for the entire Mexican coastline. These updates are available in PDF format.

Pg. 14 - CONAPESCA has recently changed the law regarding fishing licenses required for the boat. Effective January 2008, boat permits are no longer required for vessels practicing sportfishing in Mexican waters. Now a license is only required for the people onboard the boat and cost $25/week, $37/month or $48/yr per person. See www.conapescasandiego.org for more information. January 2008

Pg. 38 - A flashing white navigation light has been reported on the northern tip of Isla Cerralvo. It has also been reported that the navigation light marking Arrecife de las Focas, the reef just north of Isla Cerralvo, is not currently working. Care should been taken when passing in this area until the lights are fixed, that the light marking the northern tip of the island should not be confused with the light (currently not working) marking the rocks of Arrecife de las Focas. (Information courtesy of Colin Pallemaerts on s/v Vita e Bella) May 2008

Pg. 42 - It has been reported that the red and green navigation lights marking the San Lorenzo Channel have been reinstalled. Over the years these buoys have occasionally been damaged or taken out by summer storms or hurricanes. (Information courtesy of Colin Pallemaerts on s/v Vita e Bella) May 2008

Pg. 54 - In late 2007, a new green buoy and a new red buoy were installed at the entrance to the La Paz harbor channel. These buoys, which are currently unmarked, were installed to help move marine traffic away from the Pemex plant that is located on the nearby shore. Some confusion has been encountered over these buoys as they now create somewhat of a dogleg turn when following the channel markers into the harbor. As a result, a few boats have missed making the turn through green buoy #1 and red buoy #2, as listed on DMA Chart #21125, and proceeded directly to green buoy #3 and red buoy #4, which leads directly over shoal water. Waypoints for the new buoys and buoys #1 & #2 are listed below (note: these are waypoints for the buoys themselves, NOT waypoints for a route between):

New Green Buoy: 24° 12.979 N, 110° 18.467 W
New Red Buoy: 24° 12.928 N, 110° 18.529 W
Green #1: 24° 12.948 N, 110° 18.281 W
Red #2: 24° 12.941 N, 110° 18.394 W

La Paz Entrance Buoys Satellite

New La Paz Entrance Buoys photo

Pg. 57 - Marina Costa Baja is no longer part of the BellPort Group and is now called Costa Baja Resort and Marina. Their contact email has been changed to: gley@marinacostabaja.com. February 2008

Pg. 58 - The Moorings Charter Base is no longer at Marina Palmira, they are now located at Costa Baja Resort and Marina. Marina Palmira is under new ownership. Their contact email is fabiola.guerrero@marinapalmira.com. April 2009

Pg. 61 - Atalanta Marina has reopened the work yard and dry storage facility next to Marina Palmira. For more information (including rates), contact the manager, Lourdes Nunez Aramburo. Phone: 612-121-5186. Email: lourdes.nuara@hotmail.com. April 2009

Pg. 62, 64 - Velas de Baja is no longer doing business in La Paz. Coast Marine Chandlery at Marina Palmira is no longer in business. Baja Marine Supply is a new chandlery located at Costa Baja Resort and Marina. February 2008

Pg. 64 - Snug Harbor Sails, operated by Douglas and Rae have a new email: snugharborsails_la_paz@yahoo.com, and a new phone number: 612-123-0496. May 2008

Pg. 64 - Pacific Thread, owned by Danny Gonzalez, repairs and sews new sails, as well as doing canvas work. They monitor VHF channel 22, (612)151-2746, gonzalezdanniel@yahoo.com. (Information courtesy of Alex and Sue Hasenclever s/v Maitairoa) February 2008

Pg. 64 - Custom Fabrication and Machine Shop, owned by Malcom and his son, Malcom Jr., perform stainless work. Located on Belizario Dominguez #2622, between Encinas and Navarro. They monitor VHF channel 22, (612)123-2761. February 2008

Pg. 66 - La Belle Epoque is no longer at Costa Baja. The restaurant, Azul Marino is now in its location. February 2008

Pg. 124 - The longitude scale on the chartlet for Bahia San Marte is incorrectly labelled. The correct longitudes should be 111° 00' and 111° 01' (right to left).

Pg. 140 - Rock Danger near Los Candeleros. A submerged rock pinnacle, 7.5 feet deep at zero tide, lies approximately north of mid-channel between Isla Pardo and Isla Las Tijeras in the Los Candeleros area. The position is:
25° 44.328 N
111° 14.082 W April 2009

Pg. 162 - The waypoint given for V-Cove is incorrect. It should be listed as it is in the Waypoint Index (pg. 301).
BCS391 -
26° 03.500 N
111° 05.094 W

Pg. 226 - Rock Danger in East Bay of Isla San Esteban. A rock, six feet by four feet and coming within four feet of the surface at zero tide. It's covered in seaweed, as is much of the surrounding bottom. The exact position per GPS is:
28°  41,485' N
112° 32.727' W
(Information courtesy of Capt. Rob Earle, Megan Pearia, Shawnda Gallup - M/V Safari Quest) April 2008

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