Updates for Pacific Mexico: A Cruiser’s Guidebook 1st edition

Notice to Mariners - The Mexican government office, Secretary of Navy, publishes monthly "Notice to Mariners" updates for the entire Mexican coastline. These updates are available in PDF format.

pg. 101 - The icon for waypoint JAL050 is mislabeled in the chartlet. The northern most approach waypoint should be labeled JAL050, and the southern most anchorage waypoint should be labeled JAL051. The corresponding waypoints found at the bottom of the chartlet are accurate. December 2010

pg. 113 - The picture in the lower right corner describes a beach on Isla Colorado, it should be Isla Cocinas.
April 2011

New information: Topolobampo - Topolobampo is quickly becoming a new “off the beaten path” cruising destination for boaters traveling along the eastern shore of the Sea of Cortez. While Topolobampo is not included in our cruising guide as we have yet to visit this location with our sounding gear, many people have been contacting us for further information on this destination. A new marina has opened in Topolobampo named Club de Yates Palmira Topolobampo, or Marina Palmira Topolobampo. With this new and secure marina to leave your boat in, travel to the world renowned Barranca de Cobre, or Copper Canyon, has been made far more accessible to boaters. We are currently working with the marina manager to put together a chartlet for those who wish to visit Topolobampo. We will post the chartlet on the updates page once it is completed. For further information and to contact Marina Palmira Topolobampo:
Marina Manager: Alberto Arreola
Phone: (668)862-1544
Email: jaarreola@hotmail.com
Website: www.grupofelix.com.mx/palmira/topolobampo/index.htm
December 2010

Google image courtesy of Marina Palmira Topolobampo

Google image courtesy of Marina Palmira Topolobampo


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